Why Carbs Make Us Fat

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I can explain all the science you need to know about why carbs make you fat… And I will do it three words. Ready? Here we go… CARBS. ARE. AWESOME. Seriously, this is the MAIN problem with carbohydrates. It’s why cutting carbs from you diet works.  It’s why paying attention to the amount of carbs […]

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Meal Skipping

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I’ve never really understood the concept of ‘meal skipping’. To me, It’s a very funny way to describe ‘not eating’, since you’re not really skipping a meal if you weren’t planning on eating a meal in the first place. In fact, when you stop to think about it ‘meal skipping’ is what you call it […]

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Why can I eat carbs?

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Yesterday I read another article that took the position of excess calories not CAUSING weight gain. Instead, the authors argued that somehow sick/diseased/altered body fat caused us to overeat, thus causing body fat. Their theory put the blame on insulin and carbs (excess insulin MAKES your fat sick). While I have concerns over this line […]

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Fit vs Right

In the last couple of weeks I’ve spoken in-depth about the importance of focusing on what fits as opposed to focusing on what’s right. In other words, paying attention to what works for you as opposed to the specific reasons why different approaches MIGHT work. I guess another way of looking at is ‘application’ vs […]

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My college ‘Cheat-day’ Stories

When I was in my twenties, I was a big fan of ‘cheat days’. Every Sunday my roommate and I would order twin large ‘meat lovers’ pizzas, and eat them while watching hockey. We’d follow this up with ice cream and those amazing Homestyle two-bite brownies that come in that brown paper package, all while […]

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Reverse Taper Intermittent Fasting

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The concept of the Reverse Taper Diets is still one of my favorite ideas. Without getting too technical, the concept was that you should be in your largest calorie deficit (eating the least amount of food) at the beginning of your diet, when you have the most fat to lose and thus the most fat […]

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Flat Belly Forever

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  I’d like to introduce you to Flat Belly Forever. It’s a new book, research conducted by me, that attempts to answer to the question:  Why can two people in a controlled research study eat very close to the same amount of food, do very close to the same amount of exercise yet lose radically […]

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The Dangers of Metabolic Adaptation

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  The concept of metabolic adaption is scary to me. Not because it’s right or wrong, but because it’s often prescribed to dieters without any examination. People are told that if they have been dieting for a long period of time and are now having problems losing weight, then their hormone levels have been compromised […]

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Building Muscle Slowly

This post was created simply because I was feeling sorry for myself this morning. I wasn’t making any gains. Lifting weights was stupid. All I was doing was maintaining – complete waste of my time. (Yes, I was being a baby) So I took my measurements… then compared them to all of my older measurements. […]

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The truth about Calorie Deficits

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  By the strictest of definitions a calorie deficit means ‘any amount of calories that falls short of the amount of calories needed to fuel the energy needs of your body’. Or, put another way: A calorie deficit is any amount of calories that is unable to maintain a persons body mass. A calorie deficit […]

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