My Weekly Routine

by Brad Pilon

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In any given week I do something called carb-cycling.

Throughout the week I will cycle from days where I eat a normal amount of carbs to times  where I eat zero carbs, and in between I have times where I eat low carb.

I also Front Load and Back Load my Calories

Twice a week I eat most of my calories in the beginning of the day, and twice a week I eat most of my calories at the end of the day. On the other days my calories are pretty evenly spread out throughout the day.

I eat breakfast 5 times per week, but twice a week I skip breakfast.

At least 5 times a day I eat a normal breakfast at a normal breakfast time (sometime around 7AM for me). Breakfast is normally some combination of Greek Yogurt and some fruit. But at least once a week, sometimes twice I don’t eat any breakfast at all.

I also protein cycle, going from periods of high protein intake to periods of no protein intake.

During the week I’ll eat anywhere from 70 grams of protein all the way up to more than 120 grams, depending on the day, and my workout routine.

And, now that I think about it I’m also basically vegan (eating no meat or animal products at all) for 2 days a week and I guess I also do cleanses.

Of course I do all of this without thinking about it and while still having chocolate and ice-cream almost every day.


By fasting for roughly 24 hours once or twice a week.

This is the great variability of a flexible intermittent fasting routine. It has all the complexities of most diets built right into it, but without making you think about it all day, or stress about it, or even acknowledge it’s existence.

A short fast, once or twice a week accomplishes all of this and so much more.

Any diet can be made to SOUND complicated, but it’s the execution that matters.

Find something you can do, that you can tailor to you own needs and schedules and then stick with it as long as it gives you the results you desire.

That’s my best diet advice.

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