Another weird diet trick

by Brad Pilon

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Here’s another easy trick for successful long term weight loss.

…save room for dessert.

It’s a simple strategy, but it works.

I don’t really count carbs or fats. I count protein and calories, and even then, most of it is a guess.

But that’s just me, really it doesn’t matter what it you count, this trick is the same – save some of your calories / carbs / fats for dessert.

Whatever you count, save some of it for dessert.

My choice is usually mint chocolate chip ice-cream. I don’t go crazy with it – A cup of ice-cream in the evening is all I need to not feel like I’m depriving myself.

Give me a pint of Guinness at dinner and a bowl of ice-cream before bed and I can be 100% on track with the rest of my eating for months and months.

Deprivation kills consistency, and consistency is where your results come from.

If a diet isn’t sustainable, it’s not going to work.


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