Lose weight by enjoying your food

by Brad Pilon

Here’s a great way to lose weight:

Stop and actually enjoy your food.

Taste it.

In today’s busy life there are far too many chances for us to eat, then 2 minutes later wonder where our food went.

On more than one occasion I’ve made a cup of tea, and drank it while playing/chasing/entertaining my kids, only to then go looking for my cup of tea.

All I ever find is an empty mug.

(And no, It’s not the tea gnomes.)

How many times have you had to rush through a meal only to be left wanting.

The calories are there but the experience wasn’t.

So here’s a tip

Take the time to enjoy your food.

If you are in a super-stressed out part of your day, wait until you have some quiet time to enjoy your food.

(And don’t say you can’t wait, if you can go 24 hours without eating, you can wait until you actually have a moment to enjoy your food)

This doesn’t mean while sitting in front of the TV, with your computer on your lap and a snack in hand.

Actually take the time to enjoy your food.

Enjoyment equals satisfaction.

Satisfaction means the ‘want’ is being filled

If the want is being filled, you won’t go searching for food 20 minutes after you ate.

Take the time, it’ll be worth it.


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