Hypertrophy vs Strength

by Brad Pilon

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Hypertrophy requires consistent challenge to a muscle group. You could argue it takes constant unaccustomed challenge.

Hypertrophy can be seen as a sort of immune response to an unfamiliar challenge. It’s how your body reacts to an attack, in this case the attack is the challenge of the workout.

Increasing the load (the amount of weight you lift) is one of many ways to accomplish this.

Lifting heavy during an exercise will make you stronger at that specific exercise, because you are practicing lifting a heavy weight…. so in essence strength comes from practicing being strong.

Hypertrophy increases strength potential, but that’s as far as the relationship goes. A bigger muscle will always have more potential to be stronger than a smaller muscle, but to make that potential a reality, you need to practice.

Hypertrophy needs challenge, strength needs practice.


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