Good food gone bad

by Brad Pilon

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Pictures make things true.

Look at the picture above – the super-healthy and completely awesome for you watermelon goes bad after 180 days, while the highly-processed chemical-laden burger and fries-of-death do not look like they’ve gone bad, even after 180 days.

Therefore we have conclusive evidence that fast food is bad for you right?

Or this an ‘image illusion? – a bit of a slight-of-hand trick (or is it slight-of-eyes?) where we use a bit of distraction (the gross watermelon) to keep you from seeing what’s really going on.

If we were to compare an organic, hormone free, locally grown well-done steak and an organically grown, hormone free, locally grown baked potato to the hamburger and fries, how different would they look?

Of how about comparing a highly processed highly preserved Wal-Mart purchased apple pie to the super-good for you watermelon? What if you were to leave a slice of said pie on your counter for 180 days? I’ve left one out for 4 days and it looked a lot like the watermelon in the top right picture.

This isn’t meant to defend fast-food. Just to point out that the trend of using pictures and info-graphics to prove a point in health and fitness is usually full of misconceptions and blatant logical fallacies.

Questions the things you read AND the things you see.


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