Flat Belly Forever

by Brad Pilon

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I’d like to introduce you to Flat Belly Forever.

It’s a new book, research conducted by me, that attempts to answer to the question:

 Why can two people in a controlled research study eat very close to the same amount of food, do very close to the same amount of exercise yet lose radically different amounts of weight?

For a long time my answer to this question was simply ‘They’re either lying about how much they eat, or how much they exercise”.

However, there was another thing that was nagging at me – people’s insistence that eating fruit and vegetables and ‘healthy food’ would result in better weight loss that eating the exact same amount of calories from ‘unhealthy food’.

What bothered me about this idea was how engrained the concept was in people from all walks of life, from different countries and of different ages… It seems that across the world we had an innate belief that eating healthy was better. WHY?

It turns out the two are connected. There was an alternative solution – that perhaps people are NOT lying and perhaps there is a benefit to ‘healthy eating’ when it comes to weight loss…

I believe it has to do with our Microbiota – the trillions of ‘bugs’ that live inside our guts.

Now, before you go all crazy on me, NO I have not abandoned the calorie is a calorie philosophy – if you eat less than you burn you will lose weight – guaranteed.

And improving the health of your gut bacteria is not instantly going to cause weight loss…

But it does help explain why some people do better on a certain diet than other people do, and why two people on the same diet may see very different amounts of weight loss.

In other words, while improving the health of your gut bacteria will not instantly cause weight loss, there is a very real possibility that it will cause BETTER weight loss. And, it also may be able to make you more resistant to gaining weight.

Now you may be thinking ‘Bacteria? …. YUCK!and you wouldn’t be alone since this is exactly what I thought a couple of years ago when I first started researching the connection between our bacteria and our health.

But it’s time we got over our collective fear of bacteria – just as they can make you sick, they can also make you healthy.

It’s worth learning about 😉

Flat Belly Forever is a review of the research connecting your gut bacteria, antibiotics, and healthy eating to weight loss , AND it’s  also a 12 week corrective diet based on the concept of improving your gut bacteria richness (I explain what this means in the book). It’s not a fasting program (If you want fasting info, you know where to go), and it’s not a life long style of eating. The research was conducted by yours truly, and the diet program based on this research was written by my colleague John Barban.

The research is both extremely fascinating and a little scary – it will definitely change the way you think about eating, nutrition and weight loss.

You’re going to lose weight, and my guess is you’re going to feel a lot better too.

You can get your copy here –> FLAT BELLY FOREVER


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