Eat Any Food You Like

by Brad Pilon

The Q:  

Hi Brad,

Please be honest!

I am thinking of buying your book eat stop eat but I am really scared of betrayal. I have purchased so many items via clickbank through recommendations of existing purchase. Claiming how each of their diet is different and not a diet yet every single one has been the same allowable foods ie protein carbohydrates. Your claim is however different as it revolves around fasting but are your promises right which say you can eat any food you like?

My A:

For weight loss yes – You can eat any food you like to eat, just not too much of it. For overall long term Health I’m a fan of variety, and the motto I adopted when I first wrote Eat Stop Eat:

Eat less, while enjoying the foods you eat. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and lots of herbs and spices. And maybe most importantly, spend less time stressing over the types of food you are eating.

Of course, ‘lots’ is a pretty subjective word, so it could be expanded to be “choose fruits and vegetables when possible” and “experiment with herbs and spices”.

Other than that just apply a little common sense. A donut a day is fine in my books. A box of donuts – not so much.


PS- speaking of herbs – here’s a great resource ==>


Liz February 15, 2011 at 10:07 am

Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that I tried to lose fat for years, no joke, and it wasn’t until Eat Stop Eat was I able to make that happen. Granted, while cutting down, even the non-fasting days had to be carefully adhered to. Yet during the holidays when everyone gained 10 lbs around me, I stayed exactly the same, and Eat Stop Eat helped me with that maintenance. I could have lost during that time but chose to relax a bit.

Nope, I don’t regret buying this at all. Enjoy!

Mike February 15, 2011 at 11:18 am

What if I buy the variety box of donuts (e.g., glazed, cherry-filled, etc.)? Would this work?

Seriously though, I have been doing ESE for a little over two months. During this time, I have not only lost weight but more importantly, gotten leaner because the weight I have lost is fat. I also have more energy and less stress.

Before, I would stress because I had to make my chicken breast and broccoli while my family enjoyed pizza. It feels nice to indulge ever once and a while with a slice or two of pizza. I just eat reasonable foods at reasonable amounts.

Vaclav Gregor February 16, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Yeas Mike you are right, once you stop stressing about food and focus on calories in and out you will feel much better.

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